At Sparkman Orthodontics, we are passionate about exceeding our patients’ expectations and transforming lives through stunning smiles. Part of the reason we’re able to deliver consistently flawless results is that we’ve adopted several pieces of cutting-edge technology into our practice. In the hands of our highly-trained team members, these devices can optimize your treatment and help give you the smile of your dreams.

PreXion 3D CBCT Scanner

Cone Beam Computed Tomography, or CBCT, is a form of 3D imaging that goes above and beyond standard X-Rays or dental pictures. During a scan with the PreXion device, a cone-shaped beam will be moved around you while it takes images that are put together to create a 3D model of your teeth, bone, nerve pathways, and soft tissues. 

This device has many benefits, one of the most important being the high level of detail we’re given. The more insight we have on the state of your oral health and the layout of your smile, the more informed treatment decisions we’ll make. You need a treatment plan that is perfectly tailored to your orthodontic needs, and this technology allows us to see more than we ever have before. 

Not only does this device provide detailed 3D models of your mouth, but it also does it with a high level of comfort and a low level of radiation exposure. Other CBCT scanners are known for having a higher level of radiation exposure than typical X-Rays, but our doctors took the time to find a device that would give us the service we needed without risking our patients’ safety and comfort. There’s little to no preparation necessary for the scan, so you don’t have to worry about a stressful office experience. The CBCT scanner is a painless and non-invasive device that allows us to understand how to serve your orthodontic needs best. 

Spectralase Laser

To help our patients achieve the trademark Sparkman Smile, we pay close attention to every detail. This includes using the Spectralase Laser to clear excess gum tissue and reveal a more beautiful and functional smile. This device emits a ray of concentrated energy that cleanly removes any unwanted gum tissue. The ultra pulse mode available on the Spectralase Laser allows us to provide our patients with an ultra-comfortable treatment experience. While this technology may sound intimidating, it’s been proven to be a painless way to reveal your dream smile. 

Our doctors are passionate about using the most effective and cutting-edge technology in our practice, so we can always exceed our patients’ expectations. The Spectralase Laser is the best soft tissue laser for orthodontics and has allowed us to shape gums and smiles to perfection. Before we adopt a device, our team makes sure it’s the best model available and will make our patients’ treatment experiences smoother and more effective. 

iTero Scanner

In the past, orthodontists would use messy molds to make models of the patient’s smile for treatment decisions and appliance fitting. These models were uncomfortable for the patients, prone to cracking, and not always accurate. At Sparkman Orthodontics, we’ve replaced this outdated method of making models with the iTero Scanner. 

The iTero is a handheld wand that creates a digital impression of your smile in just a few minutes. We will scan your smile and upload it to our system that uses these images to create a 3D model of your smile. This model is highly accurate and gives us a replica of your current smile. Once we have the model, one of our doctors can make adjustments and show you what areas they think need adjustment. This is your forever smile, and we welcome you to let us know your expectations for treatment. After this discussion, we’ll project your desired results to show you how your future smile will look. This takes all of the guesswork out of the treatment progress and allows you to see the end goal. 

Not only can we use this model to project your desired results, but we can also use the scan to print your clear aligners. Clear aligners are famous for being one of the most comfortable treatments available, and this is because they fit so well to the patient’s smile they forget they’re wearing an appliance. The iTero scanner allows us to make more accurate and intuitive digital impressions, giving you the most tailored treatment possible.